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Discover. Engage. Influence.

Experience a world of content creators that impact a large global audience. Connect with the most powerful online influencers for your brand and reinforce a strong online presence. Build your network, build your Clan.

Empowered by Data. Driven by Result.

Data intelligence takes the guesswork out of your marketing equation. With precise parameters, perfect algorithms and scientific metrics Clan empowers you to find the right influencer to deliver the turbo boost your creative campaign needs.

Widen your reach

Reach out to influencers from various countries and different languages.

Identify top-performers across numerous categories with a diverse audience base.

Make use of their talent, expertise and maximise your brand salience.

Artificial intelligence

Use a host of intelligent toolkits to facilitate a flawless workflow.

Manage and track communication in one place, track real-time performance and recalibrate campaigns on the fly.

Valuable indicators. Invaluable insights

Real performance indicators help you make decisions that are always on the money.

With advanced machine learning and complex data crunching, rest assured, you will be making the most informed decisions possible.

After all, it’s not just great data at work, it’s hard-working data at work.

Growth in Numbers. Success at scale. Size matters.

Engage at any scale with influencers and use a seamless workflow to ramp up your online presence with ease. All you need to focus on are your creative ideas and products and leave your worries to us.

With Clan, we make ramping up easy and success, a certainty.

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